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Post by sayum on Wed Mar 11, 2015 10:36 pm

Aguamenti || octavius & phoebe Danger11

It was not his fault. Not really. She was the reason he even thought of it.
Just the way she was in that moment. Standing at the edge of the lake.
She was serene. Beautiful poetic. So much the opposite of who Octavius was.
He was so...stiff. Not like Phoebe. Not so free and full of life.
Octavius could not be blamed for how Phoebe's grace effected him.

Aguamenti || octavius & phoebe Danger12

He pushed her in.

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Aguamenti || octavius & phoebe Empty Re: Aguamenti || octavius & phoebe

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Wed Mar 11, 2015 11:04 pm

          As Phoebe gazed out at the lake, she considered just how much better it would be if an eternal pit of fire were to replace all that useless water.

Aguamenti || octavius & phoebe Smilin21

          The possibilities were endless. The students could huddle around the flames to fight off winter's chill, and it would spare her the bother of having to deal with all her brothers' ex-girlfriends. No need to resort to messy spells – a quick lie about needing to have a private word down by the pit would be enough to set her revenge plans in motion. The first years might might have a bit of difficulty with it – some would doubtless end up with severe burns, and one or two might even perish in the flames – but that would be entirely their fault, after all.

          There really were no downsides. For a moment, she considered suggesting the notion to one of the teachers, but quickly dismissed the thought.

          The administration never listened to good ideas.

          Lost in thought as she was, she hardly noticed her friend's arrival. She certainly was not prepared when, suddenly, she was toppling forwards, arms flailing automatically outwards in an abortive attempt to regain her balance. She barely had time for a brief (though admittedly rather shrill) shriek of protest before she crashed through the surface of the water.

          Even before she had finished her plunge towards the lakebed, Phoebe was plotting her counterattack. So Gus thought that he could just push her in, did he? He thought he could just push her in the lake and get away with it?

          He clearly did not know what Phoebe Prewett was capable of doing.

          With the awkward movements of someone who had never before been in a body of water deeper than a bathtub, Phoebe began a frantic struggle towards safety. She didn't make it far; each time her head broke the surface, she managed naught but a small gasp before slipping back into the water.

          Deciding that he'd got the point after a few of these little repetitions, Phoebe allowed herself a longer breath, her arms working furiously to keep her afloat. Help, Gus! I can't swim, hel – ” 

          And then she disappeared beneath the waves.

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