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Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:11 pm

          After passing another dreary, mundane summer in the Muggle world, it was something of an adjustment to return to the castle. Despite four years of magical education, she couldn’t quite stop herself from starting when she noticed a portrait moving out of the corner of her eye, or when a ghost emerged suddenly through a nearby wall.

          In years past, the unfamiliarity had made her return to Hogwarts even more special. It had felt almost like reliving the wonder of stepping into the Great Hall for the first time. But this year, she felt none of that thrill of discovery. She merely felt resentful of the wasted months spent isolated from the world in which she belonged. She had too many ideas demanding realisation, too much potential to waste an entire summer doing nothing.

          It could have been worse. She could have spent the holiday completely isolated, with no one but her infernal parents for company. She didn’t think she could have survived that. At least with Lily to share her magical exile, she had been able to keep her mind sharp. Indeed, the time had given them the opportunity to plan, to imagine new and untried ways of harnessing magic. Now that they had their wands again, the possibilities were endless. 

          But there would be time for that later. For now, she fully intended to enjoy her friend’s company while she smoked her way through the cigarettes she had rolled on the train. She had picked up the habit that summer after Lily had dared her to steal one of her mother’s packs, and that entire summer had been wreathed with acrid smoke and the tang of nicotine. Now that they were back at school, she found that she didn’t quite want to give up the habit. Tobacco had a way of sharpening her mind, of focusing her attention, and she found the effect both elevating and highly useful.

          They were sitting beneath a tree by the lake, sheltered away from the prying eyes of the staff. Pity the only prefect on hand seemed rather unwilling to interfere with Sévérine’s vices. 

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          After taking the first, long drag of her cigarette, she said, “I couldn’t help but notice that Elizabeth Marks seems to have taken a new flame.” With a wry smile, she added, “Pity to see that her undying, absolutely true love for Mr Canton couldn’t endure a summer apart.”

          She pulled another cigarette to examine out of the Bertie-Bott’s box she’d been using as a makeshift pack. She was getting better at rolling – this one was densely and uniformly packed, clearly a good burner.


          She held the cigarette up and smiled, a clear offer. “Fag?”

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Post by sayum on Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:32 pm

Summers were the worst. Tuney became more and more insufferable as the years went by, jealousy and hatred growing as quickly as her neck seemed to. Lily knew she would be the same if she had turned out to be all Muggle like Petunia but still, that did not excuse the girl's constant need to prove herself. As if maths and history were impressive to score high in. Her sister should try transfiguring large rats into kettles if she wanted to really impress their parents. Of course, Lily could not demonstrate. If she was able she would have already turned her sister's dirty hair into wriggling worms. Petunia had screamed at the suggestion and ran back into the house, leaving Lily and Sévérine on the lawn, laughing until their heads were light.

Now Lily was back where she belonged, the only accomplishment of the summer was surviving it and that was all thanks to Sévérine. If she had been confined to only conversing about Muggle things all those months Lily would have ran away to Scotland and camped outside Hogwarts until the next term started.

"You think Canton was actually faithful while they weren't parted by the end of term?" Lily grinned wisely, plucking a cigarette from Sévérine's stash. She did so love a spot of gossip with her favorite Slytherin. Really Sévérine was the only Slytherin that mattered. The hat got it wrong in her opinion. Ravenclaw was more right for her best friend than being a Snake. Still, she had to love her all the same just for being the quick-witted witch she was.
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"More than once I caught him sleazing around with some Ravenclaw girl that was not nearly as weepy as Marks is by default. I mean I get it, Marks is not exactly a catch but he should have dumped the witch before she had a whole summer to plot her ultimate revenge. Things are going to get uhhh-gly."

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