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(mud)blood pudding || lily & mary Empty (mud)blood pudding || lily & mary

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:41 pm

           Her lipstick –– crimson and perfectly set.                                                   
                        Her robes –– freshly pressed and expertly tailored. 
Mary may have looked more fit for a formal dinner party than for the 
start of term banquet, but if her parents had taught her one thing, it   
was that appearances were very important. She was not the             
problem; the problem was that all the other students seemed to find  
it acceptable to parade themselves in public with unkempt hair,         
dreadful complexions, and ill-fitting clothes.                                         

Well. If that was how they saw fit to present themselves fine. She      
would not stoop to their level.                                                               

As she reached for a plate of roasted eggplant, Mary turned her       
attention towards the girl sitting next to her. “Congratulations on        
making prefect,” she said. “I must admit, I’m surprised they chose     
you. Not that you’re not the best person for the job, of course, but     
you understand. Our kind doesn’t usually make it into positions of     

(mud)blood pudding || lily & mary Starin13

The summer before her fifth year, Mary had known two things with  
absolute certainty: that she was undoubtedly the best person for     
the When her school letter finally arrived without a prefect’s             
badge, when she had arrived at school only to find that the              
pureblooded Ms Macmillan. Disappointed, yes, but not surprised.    
The inequities in their society were real and unshakable. She had    
been an idealistic fool to expect better.                                              

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(mud)blood pudding || lily & mary Empty Re: (mud)blood pudding || lily & mary

Post by sayum on Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:22 pm

(mud)blood pudding || lily & mary 210

"Ugh I know right? Prejudice is so last century. The majority of the magical population is some sort of half breed at least. You would think these bastards and bitches would get over it. Lucky for me its not a Slytherin popularity contest that gets you prefect, is it? Its a matter of just being suited enough for the job."

Lily had her prefect pin perfectly centered above the breast pocket of her robes. It really brought out her hair and she was simply dazzled that it did so. Even Sév was impressed which made Lily all the more proud of the accomplishment. Her parents had been simply tickled and the expression on Petunia's face at all the attention she got for it had been delicious. Lily even enjoyed the praise Potter had given her, however sarcastic his 'Yes, ma'am.' had been when she told him to sod off.

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