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Post by lindarkness on Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:40 pm

"I don't want any cranberry juice", the boy whined, as he sipped his cranberry juice. Every moment he was forced to spend on this ship added to his irritation, and if he were someone lesser, he would have soon lashed out on somebody. As it was, he kept to making passive aggressive comments, and snapping at anyone who tried to interact with him. 

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"I'm bored. You are all fucking boring"

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Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:14 pm

As an analytical being unswayed by emotional considerations,
Data was capable of making unbiased determinations about his
abilities.  His assessment of his interpersonal skills,  for
instance,     was drawn from empirical observations from his
interactions   and   supplemented  by  feedback   from   his
colleagues.   Despite tremendous improvement during the past
several years,  he was fully aware that he had much to learn
before he could communicate as  naturally and effectively as
a biological life form.                                     

That being the said,   Data had progressed far enough in his
study of humanity that  the  present conversation should not
be going as badly as it was.                                

To  say that Data did not  understand  Admiral Crouch’s  son
would be a tremendous understatement.    All his attempts to
communicate   amicably   had  been  met  with   disinterest,
distaste, or even outright hostility.  There was no apparent
explanation for his behavior,        and Data had difficulty
determining the most effective course of action.             

Deciding  it  was  best  to   allow  the  boy  to  lead  the
conversation,    Data said,    “If you do not want cranberry
juice,     I do not understand why you continue to drink it.
There are many options for alternative beverages,     if you
require hydration,  and I am confident that you will be able
to find one that pleases you.”                              

At his next comment, Data furrowed his brow. He had been the
recipient of many insults in his time      –      prejudice,
regrettably, was still prevalent in human culture  –  but he
had never been referred to as boring.    Indeed,    all past
experiences indicated that Data  was a fascinating creature,
capable of engaging one’s  attention for extended periods of

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I do not believe that to be accurate,”   he said.   “I am a
virtually unique life form,     and have been the subject of
multiple biomechanical studies.          Even if that is not
sufficient to hold your interest,      I also possess a vast
amount of information in my databanks,    and believe myself
fully capable of engaging your attention.”                  

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Post by lindarkness on Wed Apr 29, 2015 7:20 am

Why the android continued to try to engage him in conversation even after he had made it abdundandly clear that he didn't want to be bothered was a mystery to the boy. It wasn't as though he were trying to hide it or be polite about it or anything, so how was it that the android could function amongst humans if he could remain so oblivious to such glaring signals?

"Ugh. Don't you have any commanding to do, or anything?", he scoffed, twisting his face into a grimace, "It's not about the fucking cranberry juice, it's - never mind"

There was no use trying to explain himself about anything at all, he reminded himself again, it would only lead to a longer conversation, and thus increase the constant noise in his head. Continuing to feed it would only hinder his desire to be left alone. His desire to get the fuck off the ship already, away from the people here, and bury himself in paper.

But he could not do that.

barty & data 19609110

"Whatever, you're boring", hesaid, though it was difficult for him to put all of his conviction behind the statement, and despite himself, this bothered the young boy quite a bit for there was no discernable reason for why he shouldn't have been ablöe to deliver that with all the indifference and confidence of any normal person. He wasn't even lying (though, of course, he was not bothered by lies at this stage) - He truly wasn't interested in the android or any information he had to offer.

Still, there was something about the words that continued to make him deepy uncomfortable, and he was having a difficult time trying to figure out why. It wasn't like the android had been saying anything particularly offensive - no that would be more like he himself. In fact, it was quite the opposite of that. It qwas the way he qas just so eager to please him, to make nice conversaqtion with him even though Barty wasn't even someone he was obligued to please, the way he tried to make sure he got everything he might have wanted, no matter how unreasonable it might be.

More than that, it was the way the android was offering himself up to him, how he offered his own body to him as an object of study and discussion, how he had put his own database - what the boy assumed to be the core of his consciousness, the entirety of his knowledge - at his disposal. Just like that.

It made Barty feel like he was getting an offer from a prostitute.

"What-- Where is your-- You told me-- You are sentient! You are conscious! Where is your fucking dignity?", he said, sounding almost appalled, "I'm not even important in relation to you, and you offer yourself up to me like some sort of... What use is it for you to have... to have an independent mind if you still make yourself out to be everybody's bitch? And it might be you don't even notice it! You just sit there metaphorically whoring yourself out to everyone, acting like you should be fucking grateful to be their bitch! Fuck that. You can't just... bow down to anyone who... Where is your self-worth? I get that... you think you need to lick some ass to survive. And fine - be a slut. But stop being a whore. You gotta demand some respect. You gotta fight against the man"

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