The Sweet Tooth Quidditch League // Martin and Gus

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The Sweet Tooth Quidditch League // Martin and Gus

Post by lindarkness on Sat Jul 11, 2015 5:39 pm

The cooking apron was still perfectly neat and clean when Martin tied it around his waist. Both the perfectly white colour, and the "Hug the Cook" inscription were clearly visible as he walked into the kitchen. But the boy knew that these facts would very soon change, and that he would not too soon be covered in flour and chocolate. 
A wide grin spread over his face. 
His time had finally come. 

"We have 40 pounds of flour and I could weigh myself up in chocolate if I wanted to!", his voice gained in joy and excitement with every word he spoke, "This is the biggest bowl that I could find. We are gonna make one giant cake! And then we are going to make one hundred and five more cakes!"
He turned to his brother.
"This is the best day ever!"

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