dinner party – Elena & Lucy & Malcolm & Mulciber

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dinner party – Elena & Lucy & Malcolm & Mulciber Empty dinner party – Elena & Lucy & Malcolm & Mulciber

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It was twenty-five after when Elena finally heard the rap at the door that signaled her guests' arrival. She had predicted with some confidence, based on previous experience with the couple, that though they had been told to be at Mulciber Manor at seven o'clock, and though they had agreed to be at Mulciber Manor at seven o'clock,  Mr and Mrs Avery would, in fact, be late. 

She had known this. Had known that she would have at least an extra fifteen minutes to prepare for the dinner, and yet she had, at two minutes til, she had moved into the parlour to wait for her guests.

For Twenty-seven minutes.

It was fine. Elena could be patient. She had tea.

Her insistence upon carry on as though her guests would be on time, when she knew that this simply was not the case, did not extend to her scheduling of the meal. She had instructed the elves to have dinner ready at half past. Nobody liked eating cold food, after all, and she wanted the Averys to enjoy their evening.

At the knock, Elena set down her cup and adjusted her posture, sitting ever so slightly straighter. As the guests were shown into the parlour, she rose to her feet.

dinner party – Elena & Lucy & Malcolm & Mulciber Smile10

"Mr Avery, Lucy, dear." She nodded at each in turn, flashing her warmest smile. "Please, sit. Dinner should be served shortly."

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