Denying Newton // Gus & Fabian

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Denying Newton // Gus & Fabian Empty Denying Newton // Gus & Fabian

Post by sayum on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:40 pm

Gus knew after he had stopped crying that they would find him eventually.
It was not about hiding anymore. It was about time.
Even if they caught him they could not keep him.
Mum always said Gus was a clever one.
She just failed to mention that he got it from his father.
His real father.

Gus could hear them yelling his name. Bones-Prewett's and Weasley's both.
How many of them knew he wondered. They were calling for Gus but
Gus was not there. Only Augustus. His name was Augustus.
Augustus Bones-Rookwood now or always he supposed.
Just because you did not know a thing did not make it less true.

Denying Newton // Gus & Fabian 110

Let them yell. They deserved it. No...he did not mean that.
They all helped raise the son of a Death Eater, after all.
A dark wizard. Did that make him a dark wizard too?
That made sense. They kept it from him so he would not become
the next You-Know-Who. Right? No...that made no sense.
You-Know-Who was not his father...though at this point
how certain was he about anything?

Not certain at all.
Gus kept drawing. Perched in a tree and drawing a map
of England from memory. He knew it was not very good but
having a map was important to runaways. If he was going to be
a wandering orphan Muggle he ought to at least be good at it.


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