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suspension (molly && phoebe) Empty suspension (molly && phoebe)

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:12 pm

There were some who might say that this was all Phoebe's fault, that she had done it to herself. She preferred to think of herself as but the victim of a supremely unjust and cruelly punitive system, but no matter. People were entitled to their opinions.

And Phoebe was entitled to tell them exactly where they could shove those opinions. (Up their arses, if you couldn't work that one out for yourself.)

Really, the whole situation was just completely unfair. So she'd been caught naked on top of the Astronomy building – so what? What year was this, again? How on earth could the administration get away with enforcing such puritanical regulations?

Surely there was some women's lib group somewhere that Phoebe could appeal to, if she really felt like stirring the shit – and perhaps, in time, she would – but for now, she was so exhausted by all the things that she wasn't allowed to do that she barely had the energy to raise her head from her pillow.

She managed it, though. Just enough to free her mouth, so that she could more effectively catch her roommate's attention when she let forth a long, droning moan. If Phoebe was going to be miserable, then god dammit, everyone around her was going to be miserable too.


That actually felt pretty good. Well, who was Phoebe to argue with that? She opened her mouth again.


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suspension (molly && phoebe) Empty Re: suspension (molly && phoebe)

Post by lindarkness on Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:37 pm

Ever since Molly had returned from her classes that afternoon, her roommate remained in the same exact position: spread horizontally on the bed, and watching her go on about her homework, and hr daily activities. 

She hadn't completely ignored the woman, of course - she had brought her lunch, and notes, and tried telling her about the schoolwork that she had missed. But yet, these efforts were met with little enthusiasm as she simply continued to dose in her bed. Now, of course, Phoebe had brought her situation on herself. As of now, she was simply receiving the just punishment for her inappropriate behaviour, but with the way things were going she could not help, but be a little concerned for her friends.

In any case, it wasn't healthy for her not to move for such a long time. Molly had already attempted to help her improve her diet - the eating habits she had now, were only going to harm her in the long run - with very little success. If this habit continued on for the entire while that she was suspended, it was not going to be good for her body. Maybe she should suggest that they do light exercises in the room together.

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The young woman was interrupted in her track of thought by a loud sound, coming from her roommate. Immediately, she turned around to face her. 

"Phoebe, are you in pain?", she stood up and walked over, "Do you need help?"

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