it's the end of the world as we know it || barty & bellatrix

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it's the end of the world as we know it || barty & bellatrix

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:43 pm

          Bellatrix  wouldn’t  be able to  hold  this 
          position  for  very  long.  Even  if  it  had 
          been   as  secure  as  she  would   have 
          liked  (and a doorway at the end  of  an 
          empty  hallway  was  hardly   what  she 
          would  consider secure), the  scattering 
          of  corpses around her would bring  the 
          monsters  crawling  towards her  within 

          She had to keep going.
                                             She had to rest.
          She had been lucky that she had  been 
          in the  restroom  when  everything  had 
          begun,   lucky   that   the   construction 
          project  on the girls’ toilets  meant  that 
          there   were  stray  pieces  of  pipe  left 
          lying   about.   Lucky  that,   when   the 
          monsters   had  begun  to  make   their 
          shuffling  way  towards  her,   she  had 
          been able to fend them up.

          She  was lucky to be alive.  Alive,  and, 
          but  for  the  gash running  up  her  left 
          arm, reasonably well.

          She could take a moment to rest. Just
          so long as she ––––

                    –––– footsteps.
          She  raised the length  of  pipe  slightly, 
          trying   to  hold  it  steady  despite   her 
          throbbing arm.

                           “Who’s there?”

          Her words echoed through the hallway, 
          voice    steady   despite  her   pounding 

                            “Show yourself.”

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Re: it's the end of the world as we know it || barty & bellatrix

Post by lindarkness on Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:36 am

   It had been supposed to be a quick escape.
             Why he would have considered himself capable 
             of being so lucky was anybody’s guess, most of 
             it  his  own.  Nobody  could  be  lucky  when  the 
             floors  he was walking  were stained  with blood, 
             and vomit,  when he had seen more dead bodies 
             in  one  day  than  his  entire  life,  when  he  was 
             holding  a rusty trash picked  he had taken  from 
             the   injured  janitor,   when  his  own  body   was 
             splattered with  stranger’s blood from the bottom 
             to the top.
   There was an emergency exit somewhere 
   near, he just knew it, he had to know.
            The sound  of their inhumane groans,  the image 
            of  arms and teeth  sinking into  fresh,  red  flesh 
            was  still  bright and vivid,  in the forefront  of his
            mind.  Yet, he lost none of his composure, or so 
            it seemed.
            He was  like a ghost outside  of himself,  outside 
            of   his   own  body,   his  perception  completely 
            disconnected from the pounding of his heart, the 
            rush of adrenaline flooding his brain,  his aching 
            muscles, tensing with every step.
           His mind,  yet,  was calmly,  clinically observing 
           his surroundings, trying to think of a way to reach 
           the nearest exit,  without  bringing  more attention 
           to himself.
   If only he could—
           A voice interrupted his plans, and violently jerked 
           his mind back to reality again. Barty recognized it 
           immediately  as  belonging  to  his  math  teacher, 
           Mrs.  Lestrange.  The only thing more  stupid than 
           to  think  of  her presence as  a relief,  would have 
           been to stay silent.
   He  could  feel  his  hands  shaking  as he 
   tightened his grip around the janitors stick.
          “Keep your voice down”,  he whispered, as he took 
          a step forward,  and into her line of sight,  ”I’m right 

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