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FULL NAME: Hermia Regan Bones-Prewett
DATE OF BIRTH: February 27, 1986
GENDER: Female
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
OCCUPATION: Hogwarts student 
MOTHER: Amelia Bones

WAND: Hawthorn wood, unicorn core, six inches, unyielding
BOGGART: Herself, in the body she currently has, sitting on the ground completely naked.
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
It was clear from the start that Hermia was going to end up as something of an outsider in her family, but oddly enough, instead of letting that prospect make her desperate to change in order to fit in, the girl seemed to embrace her differences at first glance.
When she was younger the thing that made her stand out the most was her short temper, and her almost comical insistence to treat everything and anything she did, from fingerpainting to her first efforts of reading and writing, with an unwavering amount of complete seriousness. Needless to say, she butted heads with her siblings for that more often that it made sense to. With time, she came to distance herself further and further from her more playful family members, only leaving her mother, and her older sister for her to bond with. 
The decision to isolate herself in this manner was, of course, not a conscious one. No child wants to strain their good relationship with their siblings in anyway, and you have to understand that no matter how rude she might act, Hermia loves her family more than anything. It us rather that her personality and the way she perceives the world make it difficult for her to get along with others. 
It is the truth that Hermia is standoffish when it comes to most interactions not involving a figure of authority, that she is uptight, stubborn to a fault, impatient, and judgmental, almost to a hypocritical degree, on top of this all. Despite her capabilities for logic, she has a hard time seeing things from a different perspective than her own, or maybe she just doesn’t want to risk it. In any case, it makes forming close relationships a little difficult.
This trait of hers is seen in action with her twin sister, Phoebe. For their differences, the girl has never been able to truly get along with her, as she perceived her sister as rather silly, and oblivious to her own capabilities and actions. Often, she would chastise, scold, and judge her for behaviour she disapproved of, and in return, Phoebe kept on mocking her for her joy-killing ways, and her overt reliance on authority.
This is, in fact, the one relationship that has affected her the most so far - even if this is mostly or a great misunderstanding on her part. While she herself expressed the ‘rivalry’ with simple acts, such as calling Phoebe out and occasionally, ratting her out to her parents, or their teachers, her more light-hearted sister would instead resort to pranks, jokes, and petty vandalism to get back at her.  For this reason, Hermia, for years long, continues to believe that Phoebe hated her and wanted her to die, or at least, disappear forever.
It is clear that, beyond the normal, teenage immaturity, Hermia has other issues that lie deeper than simple hormones, and it shouldn’t be so surprising to think that behind all of her high and mighty attitude hides a sea of insecurity, and self-hatred.
The girl has always felt somewhat inadequate, not only in comparison to her siblings, but also for her failure to live up to her own, ridiculously high standards. Hermia is a natural perfectionist, with a good eye for detail and subtle ability for individual perception. However, this often leaves her in a vulnerable position where she will expect herself and the people around her to be perfect at all times, and for her that means channeling the traits that she values so much in her mother: maturity, intelligence, and success.
It is only that in her subconscious, the girl has some different definitions of those things than are commonly accepted, definitions that could prove to be somewhat problematic for her.
Maturity means depriving herself of all sources of joy, indulgence, or unproductive behaviours. Only if she is working at all times, only if she makes sure she never enjoys the work she does, only if she’s always serious, and never lets herself go, only then will she perceive herself to be mature, worthy, and level-headed. Most days, the girl won’t even crack a smile for this deep-routed belief, not that she would have much reason to.
It goes without saying that this whole mindset did not have a healthy effect on the girl, especially since she is so impulse driven by nature. It has formed a toxic cycle where she will starve herself of all forms of enjoyment for a very long time, only to give in on one day and binge on mindless, joyless indulgence, so she can feel guilty about it, and start the whole process up again. 
Intelligence means being right all the time, and never making any mistakes. Hermia tends to over think every little thing to make sure that she is right, and then stay on that point of view she goes down with it. As a result, the girl is very aggressive and confrontational about every minor disagreement she happens to find herself in, dead set about proving her point and thus leaving hardly anyone willing to spend time with her, for fear of ticking her off.
The great amount of attention she tends to put on details also makes sure that she has absolutely no mercy with herself. For example, she takes twice as long to complete even the most simple assignments, only to because she tends to get completely hung up on every little thing, without taking in the bigger picture, which often leaves her under heavy time pressure.
Success means getting good grades that will bring her toward a good career. Yet, despite, or maybe even because of her intelligence, she struggles with this aspect a lot. It is not only her rigid perfectionism that gets in the way of her academical success, it is also the immense pressure she puts on herself to make sure her record is flawless.
A person can only handle so much stress and anxiety before they collapse underneath it. She pushes herself so much to do well on exams that she inadvertently ends up breaking down and blacking out when it’s actually the time where she has to show her skills. It’s very hard for her to get through even the most simple tests because of this problem, and it is not unthinkable that she might find herself at the edge of fainting, the bigger and more important the exams are. The sub-par grades she receives as a result of that eventually only lead to her pressuring herself even more.
All of his makes her personality a very toxic, and destructive thing to live with, especially with all the trauma from the second wizarding war still fresh in her mind. It’s a kind of depression that she will have to live with her whole life.

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