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          Fiery-hearted Bellatrix was born into a family that discouraged emotional displays. The exception was her father’s frequent rants against Muggle-borns, whom he believed were plotting the downfall of purebloods like the Blacks. Although she never learned to properly experience emotions, hate was drilled into her early on. She saw anger as the only acceptable outlet, and all other feelings materialized as anger when they became unmanageable. She flew into rages of such ferocity as a child that she grew frightened, and so she chose to shut down, suppressing emotions that emerge only in moments of intense darkness.
          When she reached Hogwarts, she was closed-off and full of cold fury. Though truly brilliant, Bellatrix never excelled academically. She couldn’t respect an institution that admitted filth into its halls. As a woman raised only to one day secure a respectable husband, this didn’t much matter, but Bellatrix wasn’t content with the life of a wealthy heiress. She took charge of her education, learning dark magic out of forbidden books. Within her house she befriended people like the Lestranges who shared her ideals.
          Later on, at her master’s command, Bellatrix married Rodolphus Lestrange. The couple had been engaged since their days at Hogwarts, but Bellatrix had delayed their marriage as long as possible to maintain her independence. They are partners in their quest to purify the wizarding world, she respects him greatly, and she is even occasionally fond of him, but that is as far as their marriage extends. There is little love between them, and as sex to her entails an unacceptable loss of control, she views it as nothing more than an unpleasant duty. Bellatrix knows that it is her pureblood obligation to produce an heir to continue her family line, but she dreads having children. For the time being, she has postponed the inevitable, convincing Rodolphus to wait until the Dark Lord’s victory to begin a family. But a selfish, heretical part of her hopes that day never comes, so that she can forever continue as a soldier and never be relegated to motherhood.
          She exalts the Dark Lord because he is the manifestation of everything that she believes, but theirs is a twisted connection born of hatred. Her bonds with her sisters were once her only untainted relationships, but when Andromeda abandoned her family to marry a Mudblood, Bellatrix was left only with Narcissa. Andromeda’s betrayal served to forever convince her that Muggle-born wizards would stop at nothing to destroy the pureblood families, and that they needed to be eliminated.
          As a result of her presence on the front lines, Bellatrix proved herself invaluable to Voldemort as a talented witch and calculated tactician. Holding such power gave her an intoxicating feeling of control, and she quickly distinguished herself as one of his most vicious and trustworthy followers in her ruthless persecution of Muggle-borns. Following the capture of Voldemort’s oldest followers, she has recently ascended to second-in-command, and is proud that her loyalty has been rewarded. She believes that she is able, unlike any other, to see her master to victory.

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