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Post by sayum on Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:03 pm

It was not just about Kitty Jones. No, William was not
staying up for her. It was not because she was out on
the town doing whatever she did in Sussex. Will did not
keep tabs on his flatmate. He was not her mother.
They were both taking care of themselves well enough
though they were both admittedly young, Will only had
a year on her. 

But this was not about Kitty Jones, lovely as she was.
This was Merlin and magic and history and destiny 
and all the bollocks that went with it. Will blamed 
himself. He had the opportunity to make friends with
all sorts at school but o f  c o u r s e he had to pick
the one that would be so close to his heart and cause
all sorts of world shaking trouble.

all nighter Saveme11
It started as studying his Welsh texts. Then it went
to brushing up on Gaelic. Then there was a break
he spent resting, staring at the wall, and looking
at the clock. Kitty was late tonight...but he was 
not her mother. He made some tea. Studied 
again. The hours ticked by. Still no Kitty? 
It was not his business. He should not worry.

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