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          Hardened by a miserable childhood and corrupted by the lure of power, Sévérine is a woman who made all the wrong choices.
          She spent her early life cowering in fear of her father, an angry and occasionally violent man. Lonely and neglected, Sévérine had only her own mind to occupy herself. Shehad always been brilliant, but even as a child her interests pulled her in a more sinister direction. Immersing herself in her mother’s spellbooks, she gravitated towards dark magic, and sat for hours committing spells to memory and imagining how she might use them against her father. She felt helpless at her father’s hands, and vowed to one day become powerful enough that nobody could ever again make her feel that way.
          Things changed when she met Lily. She was so kind, so accepting, and so completely enraptured by what she taught her about magic that, for a time, she came to believe that knowledge was power enough. For the first time in her life, she was happy, and she hoped they could remain as they were forever.
          Things changed further when they arrived at Hogwarts. She was sorted into Slytherin, where she fell in with a group of future Death Eaters who, impressed her his ability, promised to help her achieve power beyond her wildest dreams.
          She also encountered a new type of tormentor. The likes of James Potter and Sirius black, horrid boys who triggered her deeply vindictive nature. Self-protection is a natural instinct, but Sévérine took this a step further - when injured, insulted, or otherwise wronged, she would attack and crush the responsible person. It wasn’t enough for her to simply defend herself; she wanted to hurt people so badly that they’d never even dream of coming near her again. 
          She had an immediate aptitude for the Dark Arts, and as she immersed himself in study,s he pushed Lily further and further away, eventually lashing out at her in a fit of rage and damaging their relationship beyond repair.
          With Lily lost to her, Sévérine buried herself more and more in the world of the Death Eaters. Though there was a time when things could have gone differently for her, when she finally received her Dark Mark, it felt as though her entire life had been inevitably leading towards that point.
          Sévérine still isn’t sure she made the right decision in joining the Death Eaters. She despises Muggles, but has difficulty fully accepting the idea of waging war against the Muggle-born population and the blood traitors that support them. However, she is grateful for his place amongst their ranks; they make her feel valued and accepted, and she’s addicted to the feeling of raw power that comes of terrorizing other wizards. If she can’t be loved, then at least she can be feared.

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