the adventure of the holodeck || data & martin

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the adventure of the holodeck || data & martin

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:05 pm

All was just as it should be in 221B Baker Street. Each leaf of paper 
was in its place, each of the many  trinkets sitting just where their 
owner desired.                                                        

To  the casual observer,  the clutter sprawled across every  available
surface  seemed  to  be  nothing  but a pile of junk,  but  Data  knew
better.  He  knew  that each and  every object in the  flat  had  been
selected for its particular significance by their owner.  By him,  for
all  intents  and purposes,  because,  for the time being,  Lieutenant
Commander  Data  of the Starship Enterprise was no more.  No,  in  his
place was Sherlock Holmes, beloved genius detective.                  

All was just as it should be.  Which meant,  of course, that something
of interest would have to happen soon,  in order to propel their story
 along. And indeed,  as he sat in his chair,  eyes scanning across that 
morning's  paper,  Data  heard, faintly,  the noise of metal  scraping
against metal from downstairs.                                        

I do believe that the post has arrived,  my dear Watson,” Data said, 
pausing  for a moment to take a  long drag at his pipe. It was not  a 
real pipe, of course – though his systems were doubtless invulnerable 
to the adverse affects of tobacco smoking, he thought it advisable to 
avoid  triggering  the  holodeck's  fire  sensor.  After  exhaling  a 
billowing cloud of smoke, he added, “Would you be so good as to fetch 
it for me?”                                                           

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