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Post by lindarkness on Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:39 am

FULL NAME: Martin Theodore Bones-Prewett
DATE OF BIRTH: March 23, 1990
SEXUALITY: Homosexual
OCCUPATION: Hogwarts student (main), owner of an ice-cream store (older)
MOTHER: Amelia Bones

WAND: Black Walnut, Phoenix Feather Core, seven inches, flexible
PATRONUS: Armadillo
BOGGART: His father, yelling at him and telling him that he’s a disappointment, unworthy of sharing the Prewett name
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
Martin Theodore Bones-Prewett is the youngest, most unassuming member of a strong family, notorious for their prominent, and diverse personalities. 
Growing up, he had always been surrounded by a happy and dynamic atmosphere, whereas he himself had been a rather quiet child from the very beginning. And although that had never bothered him that early on, it was a difference that stood out. Luckily, however, his childhood had overall been a happy one. His parents were both extremely loving and supportive, his siblings were all trying to look out for him in their own way, and even though he in hindsight remembers certain years where the anxiety in his family had appeared to be heightened, the boy was largely sheltered from the events of the Second Wizarding War at that time.
His greatest influence in his childhood was actually his father. Martin looks up to him, almost as though he was an idol of some sort. He was always fascinated and impressed by the stories his dad told him of the First Wizarding War and his own heroic involvement in it. In the end, the boy had come to see his father as a picture of the ideal man, and as such, he strives to live up to that ideal and embody his values.
He strives to find himself, in this way. In his head, he has created a picture of his ideal self that he somehow tries to find within himself, though he had failed in this task many times already. This notion gained a lot of strength within him once he started his Hogwarts career. Suddenly, he was thrown into a new environment where everyone around him was busy finding a place, and he found himself only fleeting along on the sidelines.
He had not thought much of being surrounded by clear and strong personalities when it had only been his family, but once he entered Hogwarts, he realized just how little there was of him in comparison. He felt like there was nothing significant about him to differentiate him from others, nothing interesting, nothing remarkable. To the boy, it seemed like all the people around him already knew where they were, that they had it all figured out. He, however, had no idea who he was. He only really knew who he was supposed to be - that was an epic hero of tales and history, that was a flawless picture of moral traditionalism and masculinity, that was his father. 
The problem with that, however, was that while he did want to be like his father, he did not strive to behis father - he wanted to be Martin, he wanted to be himself, he wanted to be his best self at all times, without actually knowing himself. These unrealistic standards that he set for himself come from an overly idealistic mindset that sees the real world as a story, an elaborate narrative that he has to somehow fit in to. Subconsciously, he expects himself and most people around him to fit specific character-archetypes and is disappointed when he himself doesn’t fit into one, believing that to be proof that he ‘hasn’t found his real self yet’. Accordingly, he can be quite dramatic, and theatrical as he sees the whole world as some sort of gigantic play.
This sort of perception also adds to his natural shyness, and his feat of interacting with people. This is a boy who believes every interaction to hold deep meaning, every word has to hold significance. And so, of course, he is terrified of somehow ‘messing up’ an interaction, and holds himself back in order to prevent that. He keeps himself out of his own story, stops large changes and developments before they can truly begin, so he can put his life on hold, and wait for the perfect moment to get started, uncertain if such a moment is ever to come.

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