who's your daddy || augustus & fabian & gus || 2 may 1998

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who's your daddy || augustus & fabian & gus || 2 may 1998

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Thu Feb 12, 2015 1:36 pm

          Azkaban had changed him, but even after almost two decades apart Fabian still recognised the ghost of Augustus Rookwood lurking behind the dead, devastated eyes. 

          To think that he had once called him a friend.

         “Gus,” Fabian said, voice low but intense. “Go back to your mother. Look after the others. I’ll take this one alone.”

          He had slipped into the ‘stern father’ tone he so often employed with Phoebe, but rarely had to employ with his eldest son. Unfortunately, it also was even less effective with Gus than it was with his sister. The boy was stubborn – he got that from his mother – and if he realised who the approaching man was, there would be no sending him away.

          He could only hope that, for once in his damn life, Gus listened to his father’s orders. 

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