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Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:58 am

To say that she dreaded telling him would be ascribing her feelings more power than they truly had. It was not a pleasant task she had ahead of her, to be sure, but she was hardly one to shy away from unpleasantness. When the time came, she would deliver her news without hesitation, accepting the consequences as they came, she knew this. But as she waited until that moment, she was not fully present. She did not fully taste her food, and listened with a busy mind as she and her partner conversed.

She had not been delaying, in waiting until the end of their meal. There had simply been other matters to attend to, and this was a task that required her full attention. She was hungry. Her feet were sore, and her head ached from the tug of her hair’s elaborate coif. She could not focus on properly discussing the matter until her basic after-work needs were seen to.

No, she had not been delaying. She had simply been waiting until she was ready, and she hadn’t been until now.

And now? Her shoes were off, and her hair was down; she could take on the galaxy.

Her glass of wine had sat untouched throughout the meal, but she took it now, swirling the liquid inside before raising it to her lips for a slip. Drawing it away, she spoke. “The Council has released its preliminary list of considered genomes.”

She knew that as soon as she had finished speaking, he knew what she was about to tell him. She told him anyway. “Yours is among them.”

red wine || elena & mulciber Starin10

She did not have to say anything for him to understand: I did not fight for you. I will not fight for you.

Not even if he asked.

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Post by lindarkness on Wed Sep 09, 2015 6:11 am

There was something stiff about her today.

He should have known. He should have guessed. He should at least have made a dick joke about it.

The very second she spoke, time came to a stop. Avarius Mulciber was alone in his chair, his body weighed down by black fog, while the world, reflected in her eyes, watched. From her first breath, he had known. The same lips that spoke to him in the dark, had sealed his fate, and there was nothing more he could say. 

He knew what was going to happen to him.
Why? He knew why.

After a few seconds that felt like a life time to him, the man let out a single breath.

"Ah.... heh. He... he.... "

It had started with just the slightest hint of a chuckle, a smirk forming on his mouth. But soon enough, Mulciber was laughing, a wild, roaring cackle that never seemed to stop, only grow stronger, and louder. He had to use every ounce of his self-control to stop it from verging into a hysteria, to keep his control. 

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As his laughter died down - slowly, deliberately, like he wanted to hold on to every last chuckle, and crush it in his hands - his body leaned forward and stared directly into her eyes. Still, his wide open grin did not quite reach his own. 

"Mhm... So, the Council wants to fuck me in the ass...", his gaze earned a new kind of intensity, as he made a show of lowering it to her cleavage. Like a stripper would, just before shedding the tiny piece of cloth from their soft and sweaty body, he licked his lips in a sultry gesture, and turned on his bedroom voice. "Are you going to watch?"


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