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waiting on the sun to rise || kitty & lucy Empty waiting on the sun to rise || kitty & lucy

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:03 pm

          If Kitty had one major fault, it was her inability to simply sit and wait before an important job. No matter that, given her occupation, these jobs typically were of the morally questionable variety (not that most considered murder to be particularly questionable – to the average law-abiding citizen, it was nothing short of a mortal sin, though Kitty had learned to see things a bit differently), it was her lack of patience that truly was her fatal flaw.

          On this particular occasion, she was having an absolute devil of a time keeping up the pretense of being nothing but a simple serving girl hired as support staff for the evening’s festivities. Oh, she certainly looked the part, what with her starched white apron tied just so and a perfect affectation of servile humility sedating her normally mobile features (that, and the fact that all of her bionic enhancements were carefully hidden away beneath layers of lace and powder certainly helped), but even as her exterior betrayed not the slightest sign of inner turmoil, her mind was roiling, itching to be off.

          All of the preparations had been completed as scheduled, without complication. She had infiltrated the house earlier that morning, had smuggled her chosen weapon in around noon, and just an hour previously had succeeded in drugging her target’s usual maid, rendering her completely unconscious and therefore sadly unable to complete her duties for the evening. She had even managed to convince the housekeeper to assign her to pick up poor Matilda’s task, so that her presence in the lady’s chambers should arouse no suspicion. All that she had to do now was wait.

          If only that weren’t so damn difficult.

          Just when Kitty thought she was actually going to go mad with waiting, approaching footsteps from down the corridor outside alerted her to her target’s approach.


          In an instant, all impatience was swept away and her mind had snapped back into crystal clear focus. Where the moment before her expression had lapsed into one of unfathomable boredom, and the weight of tedium had tugged her shoulders down into a vicious slouch, now her back was ramrod straight, her face a neutral mask of smiling efficiency.

          She was ready.

          When the door swung open, revealing a dark-haired woman of unusual beauty, Kitty was standing beside the fireplace, hands folded together neatly over the crisp white fabric covering her skirt. She nodded respectfully at the woman before taking her first step towards her.

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          Her assumed name was carefully chosen, common enough so as not to arouse suspicion, and close enough to her real name to be delivered believably. The most palatable lies always had the ring of truth about them. “My name is Kate, Mistress, and I will be helping you into your new gown tonight.” She curtsied with practised skill. “Just this way, if you please.”

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Post by lindarkness on Sun Feb 01, 2015 5:43 am

   The glistening, yellow lights of the chandeliers perfectly brought out the colour of her eyes today, or so she had been told. She thrived under it, in any case, and it was not the candles not the chandeliers that caused this. The woman had confidence she needed no light to shine, for she could illuminate any room just by showing off her brightest smile.
   But she loved big events, and festives, loved them even more when she was put in the center of them. Without much effort, her natural personality made her into a perfect hostess, for her ways were soft, gentle, easy, and friendly, and the girl truly enjoyed entertaining people, and making pleasant conversation with familiar faces. It was nothing more than being in an environment like this that made her shine even brighter than she did usually; her whole face was accented with a healthy glow, her eyes were sparkling with hidden playfulness, her movements were swift, and effortless, her cheeks rosy from dancing.
   She almost managed to shake off the stress she felt in the light of the reason for the party. Almost. The whole affair filled her with dread, if nothing else. Getting married, leaving her home, having to share space with someone who meant nothing to her - none of these things were particularly happy prospects for her.
   Yet, it had to be done, and she’d just have to learn to cope with it.
   Lucy Weasley prided herself with the fact that she knew everyone who was invited to her large, elaborate engagement party - everyone except for her fiancé. She had only saw him a few times, and she hardly knew him at all - they had spoken twice, and both of those conversations could at best be described as nothing more than idle small talk.
   His father, however, she was familiar with, though this did not relief her of her worries. Avery sr. was a stern, heavy-browed, vaguely creepy old man. If young Malcolm took after him in any way, their marriage would likely not be a very happy one, she mused. Although she could not imagine any kind of marriage to end up with her being happy, if she was honest with herself.
   In either case, her fiancé had not even arrived at the party yet. Most woman would have likely been irritated with having to wait on their future husband on their own engagement party, but Lucy rather liked the thought of it. The delay left her enough time to try to relax before she had to face him, and get the to enjoy herself a little until then, doing things she didn’t think she could do in front of the man, like eating a little, or dancing.
   By now, that time was almost up, however, and that meant she had to take preparation, and that meant she needed to see Matilda for help with freshening up her toilette, and changing into a more elegant gown for the night. She needed to look presentable for her future husband, after all.
   With a steady pace, she made her way to her dressing room. She had given out clear orders in the morning to lay out everything where she needed it to be, though she knew she didn’t need to worry about that. Her maid had always proven to be efficient, and on point.
   ”Tilda, sweet, be a dear and—”
   Her breath cut short when she looked over toward her trusted maid, only to see a stranger standing in her place. This one had eyes clear and blue like a summer sky, looking at her with an obvious focus. The contrast was so intense that she found herself taking a step backwards, and holding onto the door frame, her gentle smile nowhere to be seen.
   What was this strange girl doing in her chambers? How did she get in there? Why was she even here in the first place? She knew most of the serving girls in the house, could recognize them by name, at least, if that wasn’t the case. Yet, she’s never seen this woman, had never even heard of her, which was most curious. Her parents had never hired extra staff without telling her. 
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   ”No you won’t”, she said, “Where’s Matilda?”

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