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          It’s difficult to tell how much of what Fabian says is exaggeration or fabrication and how much is actual fact. Though he undeniably has a tendency to talk himself up, he lives so ridiculously that even the most unbelievable claims might very well be true.
          Since childhood, Fabian has had a knack for finding his way into trouble. As an infant, he delighted in hiding his older sister’s toys, and as a child he drove his mother mad with his constant fooling around. This penchant for mischief continued when he arrived at Hogwarts, where he earned a reputation as something of a prankster. He and his twin brother, his partner in crime, were always up to something, be it sneaking a nest of doxies into the caretaker’s office, or sneaking out of bed for midnight duels in the dungeons.
          Were it not for his affable nature, Fabian very easily could have earned the universal ire of his peers and professors. As it was, he won over many with his charm and good humour, and most regarded his troublemaking with amusement or fond tolerance.
          Fabian adores being the centre of attention, and has been known to act out simply to get back into the spotlight. His more attention-seeking impulses were thankfully generally mediated by his brother, who stopped him from making too much of a fool of himself. He and Gideon balanced each other out well, each moderating the other’s more extreme behaviour and bringing out their better qualities. Despite their differences, the two are incredibly close.
          With an unfailingly supportive father and harshly critical mother, Fabian was left with both an inflated sense of his own importance and a need to prove his greatness to those around him. He’s a bit of a braggart, and is rather too fond of showing off. Overinflated as his ego is, he might have become completely insufferable had he not joined the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Though his exploits on the pitch gave him yet another thing to boast about, having to operate as a member of a team helped him realize that everything isn’t always about him.
          The birth of his sister’s children served to further sober Fabian; his protective instincts towards the little Weasleys served to really hammer in the reality of the war to him, and shortly after his first nephew’s birth, he decided to join forces with the Order. He enjoys his work with the Order because it gives him the opportunity to duel and to continue breaking rules and skirting authority, but struggles with the knowledge that, hard as he may try, he can’t control the world around him, and his best efforts may not be enough to keep the people he loves safe from harm.

Fabian Reinhard Prewett
Full Birthday
15 July 1952
At this point in his life, Fabian has been fighting for the Order of the Phoenix for nearly nine years. The war has changed him considerably; scared as he is about the safety of his family and friends, and worn down as he has become by the constant threats against his own life and the lives of his colleagues, he is more serious, more wary. He struggles to keep his sense of self amidst all the calamity, determined not to let the war completely eclipse everything that makes him who he is. He has a good heart and a playful spirit; the war has taken too much from him already, and he won’t let it change that about him.
Humour - Fabian would never have made it this far in the war without going completely mad if he weren’t still able to laugh and joke about life. Though he has far less opportunity than he did at school, he still enjoys the occasional prank or practical joke. He is an uplifting presence; in such dark times, it is important to be able to make people smile from time to time.
Charm - Though his constant boasting about his ‘Prewett Charm’ can be a bit off-putting, it is true that he has a certain way with people. He is friendly, outgoing, and makes good conversation. As such, people are naturally drawn to him. This benefits him on a personal level, as he legitimately loves making new friends and getting to know people better. It also helps that he can charm his way out of sticky situations, given how much trouble he tends to find himself in. He is also particularly good at setting people at ease, and therefore can better extract information.
Ingenuity - A man doesn’t end up with a detention record as impressive as Fabian’s without a fair bit of creativity (not that he was ever able to convince his mother of his genius, but no matter). He’s good at coming up with alternative solutions to problems on the fly, and can rapidly and effectively implement his solutions. It’s what makes him such an excellent duelist and beater.
Empathy - Somebody with an ego as large as Fabian’s could easily have descended into outright narcissism, but Fabian cares too much about other people to be completely self-involved.Growing up as a twin and joining the Gryffindor Quidditch team saved him - he had to learn that things weren’t always about him, and that he sometimes needed to put himself aside to focus on the needs of others.
Immaturity - Fabian was only eighteen years old when his first nephew was born and when he decided to join the Order of the Phoenix. He had to accept adult worries and responsibility at a young age, and as such he is immature in the way that people forced to grow up too quickly often are. There is something artificial about his maturity - he often seems to be repressing his true nature to do what he thinks is expected of him, or more often seems to act, at nearly twenty-seven, much as he did at seventeen - a bit sadder, a bit more careful, and more than a bit disillusioned, but still hedonistic, short-sighted, and afraid of commitment. It’s hard to plan for the future when you can’t even be sure you’ll survive tomorrow.
Codependency - Fabian has an almost compulsive need to play caretaker for the people he holds most dear. The Prewetts are born fussers, and in dangerous times it’s only natural to worry about the people you love, but Fabian takes this a step too far. Convinced as he is of his own power, and mistrustful as he is of the rest of the world, he acts as though he’s the only one capable of keeping the people important to him safe, and he has a tendency to act like a bit of a marty about this. His concern borders on condescension sometimes, as he behaves as though his loved ones, most of whom are incredibly competent wizards in their own rights, are incapable of protecting themselves without him.
Ego - While Fabian isn’t entirely serious when he makes dramatic statements about his charm, or his brilliance, or his dashing good looks, he isn’t entirely joking either. He certainly does believe himself to be quite the catch, but he can stand insults or doubt about things like his appearance and the like because, while he does care about these things, he doesn’t care quite enough to be anything but overly confident about them. Other things, like his dueling, beating, or devotion as an uncle, are valued much more highly, and he is incredibly sensitive to the slightest implication that he is anything but flawless in these areas. He gets sullen and resentful about anybody questioning his judgment or his abilities here - he absolutely cannot stand anybody not respecting these parts of him, and becomes incredibly stubborn when anybody goes up against him.
Recklessness - Fabian’s policy has generally been to act first and think about the consequences once it’s too late to escape them. This naturally has landed him in quite a bit of trouble throughout his life, but now that he’s graduated at school and has joined the Order, the stakes are considerably higher. His ability to think on his feet makes him an excellent duelist, but his tendency to act impulsively has wound him in more scrapes than he can count that he easily could have prevented with a few seconds of deliberation.
Quidditch/Flying - Given that he’s practically devoted his life to the sport, it’s little wonder that Quidditch is just about Fabian’s favourite thing in the world. He loves everything about it, from the camaraderie between teammates to the sound of a bludger against his bat to the intoxicating competitive energy when going up against a rival team. 

He misses the Gryffindor Quidditch team more than anything else from Hogwarts, and does his best to make it out to play a few times a month with members of his department.

Even when he doesn’t have people to play alongside, Fabian loves flying, and spends an inordinate amount of time soaring around his father’s home on his beloved Cleansweep Five, Ellie. He lives to see the ground falling away beneath him, for the rush of wind through his hair, and for the joyous feeling when slipping free of the surly bonds of earth.
And besides, the windswept look is damn good on him.
Home-cooked meals - Fabian’s mother was never particularly good at communicating affection towards her children. Reginald was effusive and generous with his love, but Helena was considerably more distant and reserved. She showed her family she cared by cooking, a far more accessible means of expression for her.
Though his sister Molly is far more vocal about her feelings, she does the same thing, showing how much she loves her brothers by stuffing them half to death with delicious homemade pies and sweets. 

As such, home-cooked meals are a fantastic way to endear oneself to Fabian; it really makes him feel valued and appreciated.
Dueling - Something about going up against an enemy with nothing but his wits and his wand to rely upon makes Fabian feel so incredibly alive. He loves how much potential there is to learn with dueling - his hobby has done more to prepare him for life in the Order than any class ever did.

He and Gideon got into countless fights when they were at Hogwarts, and he was worried about losing that outlet when he left. Joining the Order of the phoenix has given him opportunity to keep dueling, and it’s one of his favourite parts of being with the group. The duels are far more dangerous than they were back at school, but that only serves to make things more exciting for Fabian, and it makes it all the more satisfying when he emerges victorious.
Cats - Fabian has never been particularly good with creatures, magical or otherwise. For whatever reason, they seem to instinctively distrust him, and so he’s done his best to keep his distance from anything furry, scaly, or whiskered. He is particularly averse to cats, in part because of a lifelong feline allergy. A few minutes around a cat is enough to have Fabian itching and sneezing and completely miserable. The problem, he claims, is that cats are evil and vindictive creatures intent on ruining his life, and his body is sim warning him of the danger of being around them. This, rather than accepting that his immune system simply doesn’t know how to deal with dander.
Excessive Formality - Fabian’s mother was intent on raising her children to be incredibly proper people. Dinners had a great deal of pomp and circumstance, with everybody expected to dress nicely and groom before showing up at the table, and any interactions with her Greengrass relatives were even worse. He associates formality with old-fashioned ideas, with blood purism and with old-moneyed politics, and he can’t stand being forced to eat with the right force or avoid discussing scandalous topics at the dinner table.
Ludo Bagman - Ludo is everything that Fabian had once hoped to be. He is a talented, successful, and famous international Quidditch sensation, and Fabian is obscenely jealous of him. He refuses to admit this, of course (Why would somebody as fantastic as Fabian be jealous of Ludo?? The idiot’s not even that great of a beater), and instead channels his resentment into blind, juvenile hatred.
Hogwarts House:
As with many Gryffindors, he could very well have ended up in Hufflepuff, given his focus on loyalty and family, but the Sorting Hat matter-of-factly informed him that there was no way that anybody with an ego as large as his, and who put such importance in personal glory could end up anywhere but Gryffindor.
He is an incredibly dramatic person. He laughs often, speaks loudly, and is entirely too fond of showing off. He is also an incredibly brave person, often selfless, and his heart is in the right place.
Fabian’s boggart takes the same form as his sister’s, though his initially manifests as Gideon’s corpse before cycling through the bodies of everybody in the family, circling back to his twin every other person or so.
Happiest Memory
When attempting to generate a patronus, Fabian is lucky enough to have a whole host of memories he can use. The birth of any of his nephews, being accepted as Gryffindor’s beater, spending time with Gideon, and any number of other situations are sufficient to muster up enough positive energy. The memory he comes back to the most, though, is of attending the 1964 Quidditch World Cup with his father and brother. Everything about the event was perfect - he got to spend time with his brother and father, his two favourite people in the world, he didn’t have to see his mother, and watching the match was inspiring beyond anything he could ever describe. The World Cup changed the direction of his life irrevocably, helping him realize his love for Quidditch and for flying, and to this date it is the single happiest time of his life.
His patronus takes the form of a red fox.
Upon leaving Hogwarts, Fabian had no intention of joining the Order. He didn’t quite understand the seriousness of the war - he didn’t believe Voldemort was nearly as bad as people made him out to be, and as a pureblood he didn’t feel personally threatened by the presence of the Death Eaters in society. He was too busy trying to realize his dream of becoming an international Quidditch sensation to realize the danger they all were in. He spent the months after graduated drifting from part-time job to part-time job, hoping to save enough money to be able to finance his Quidditch career.
It wasn’t until his sister Molly gave birth to Bill, her first son, that Fabian really started to reevaluate his priorities. Upon beholding such a small, defenseless creature as a newborn child, everything came crashing down upon him, and he became panicked about Bill’s safety, and the safety of his friends and family.
Within a month of Bill’s birth, Fabian had quit his part-time job, begun an internship in Games and Sports, and joined the Order of the Phoenix. His determination to help became stronger with the birth of each successive nephew.

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