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take care || elena & hermia Empty take care || elena & hermia

Post by thegirlnamedcrow on Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:43 pm

take care || elena & hermia Tumblr_inline_ndjp8y0KQM1t323x2

               “Here’s what’s going to happen ––
     I’m going to put the kettle on, you’re
     going to sit down on the sofa, and we’ll
     talk about why I caught you crying in
     the loo at four in the morning.”

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take care || elena & hermia Empty Re: take care || elena & hermia

Post by lindarkness on Fri Feb 06, 2015 5:51 pm

 Hermia looked down.
   When her sister entered the room, she had felt 
an  icy touch over her skin,  as though all  blood 
was leaving her veins at once. Despite the fresh 
tears, and the heat in her face, she shuddered.

   A moment ago,  there had been only darkness, 
silence,  and the sound of her own weeping with 
her,  and now,  out of  nowhere,  the curtain  had 
opened,  the  spotlight was  pointed right  at  her. 
There  was an audience standing beside her,  a 
looming  shadow  over her head,  a  sharp  look, 
judging her performance.

   Only  there wasn’t a performance.  There  was 
nothing   but   a  pathetic,   mewling  young   girl, 
curled up on the bathroom floor.

take care || elena & hermia Tumblr_inline_ndrt4rAauO1s90whx
   It  was nothing but a croak,  a hoarse  whisper, 
barely even audible, but it was all that she could 
muster at the moment. It took too much from her 
just  being  there,  under  her  gaze,  her  shame 
exposed,  her insides burning.  She just wanted 
her to turn around, and forget about her.

   Yet, she wanted nothing more than to fall into 
her sisters arms.

                         And so she did.

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